Rawhiti Pork

NZ-grown Pork

Certified New Zealand grown

With its clean mountain air, ancient native forests and pristine spring water, New Zealands Kaimai Ranges are the right environment for growing the worlds finest pork. From insemination until they leave, Rawhiti pigs are born and raised on-farm; drinking the freshest water in the world from flowing mountain aquifers and breathing the purest New Zealand air.


pig care: Accredited New Zealand-grown

Our Pig Care accreditation ensures each and every Rawhiti pig leaving the farm is certified 'Born & Raised in New Zealand.' Click below to find out more about our membership to the New Zealand Pork Industry Boards Animal Welfare program.

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low disease, high health

Rawhiti Porks state-of-the-art design and its 'High Health Farm' status means it's in the 95th percentile for disease reduction. All visitors to the farm undergo disease control protocols to keep our herd safe and healthy. Why go to all that trouble? To reduce the number of times our pigs are exposed to anti-biotics or other artificial chemicals.

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freedom farmed pork

Lower stress levels mean our pigs live a calmer, more contented life. To further improve the standards of health we use Freedom Farrowing Technology. We refuse to use inhumane practices such as Farrowing Crates, so the mother sows may tend to their young in a more natural way.