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Welcome to Rawhiti Pork


"You're MAD", THEY SAID...

Setting out to turn a run-down, bankrupt piggery on the side of the Kaimai Ranges, just 5 Km from Te Aroha, into a world-class farm was never going to be easy.

"You're mad!" They told us.

"You'll never turn it around. The place is too far gone!"

But that's exactly what we set out to do when we got together to buy the farm in Spring of 2016.



Our Current Projects


Working closely with NIWA, we are developing a biogas plant to create electricity from pig manure. The plan is for the greenhouse gasses to be turned into electricity to power the farm.

Community support

Through partnerships with local schools, sports teams and community teams we hope to be a valuable member of the local community. We have proudly donated to Tatuanui School, Springdale School, and are delighted to have come on-board with NZ charity The Waterboy to helping get kids into sport. We are also a big backer of our girls in Te Arohas 'Twenty 20 Netball' team.

Freshwater Improvement

We are working with innovative engineering specialists to develop ways of removing Nitrogen and other elements from our wastewater. This will ensure our waterways remain pristine forever - a win for all!

Municipal waste reduction

By partnering with large food-producing companies, we are able to consume their excess produce as stock feed. This food/liquid waste would otherwise go to land-fill or be spread onto paddocks where it gets into the waterways and soaks up oxygen!

Animal welfare

By refusing to use inhumane Farrowing Crates or pump our herd full of anti-biotics; and by doing renovations to our livestock barns, using only the latest Freedom Farrowing pens, and with some of the lowest disease rates in the country, we are leading New Zealands pork industry out of the dark ages towards more humane animal welfare practices.

Stakeholder cooperation

Working closely with Regional and District Councils, we are ensuring we remain compliant and are always in the loop about what the community expects of us.


Hei whangai i te harakeke
— "Let us nurture the flax (so that, in turn, it may nurture us)"


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